Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Peranum Perthiyum - Short Film

Para - the director

Few months back, I had a chance to view a short film made in France by Para. It was very touching and more related to a situation in our immigrant community, whether it is in France, Germany, Switzerland or even Canada. Generation gap and the language barrier between two generations.

Ragunathan Annai and the Kids were wonderful in their acting. Camera and the Direction are of very good standard.

In many of the short films, the producers are trying to portray only the bad elements of the human nature. Especially in Canada, most of the short films produced are depicting child abuse, women abuse, sexual interpretation of every aspects in life and addiction to drugs etc. Unfortunately, these producers have a wrong conviction that melodrama or to say drama has no place in short films. They feel that they have become flag bearers of short films in Tamil by producing something ugly and bad in human nature.

Friends...there are something touching, bright, funny and beautiful too. Don't think that they are not suitable for short films.

Please step out of your self imposed darkness and see something bright. "Peranum Perthiyum" is a lesson for those short film makers.

This short film should reach a worldwide audience.

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